Timeline of a Felony Case

Effective March 16, 2020, our FPD operations are open and we are working, but our offices are closed to visitors. Please reach us via telephone at 206.553.1100 or 253.593.6710. We will update you when this changes. 

The Life of a Federal Felony Case

Western District of Washington

Initial Arrest or Voluntary Surrender
Consult with Asst. Federal Defender
Meet with Pretrial Services
Possible Investigation or Social Work
Approximately 14-30 Days (Can be extended)
Approximately 6-12 months (or Longer)
Initial Appearance
Discovery and Motions
Investigation & Plea Negotiations
Guilty Plea
1. Advised of Charges
2. Detention/Release
3. Appt. of Counsel
3-6 months
  • Plea Agreement
  • Cooperation
Approximately 90 Days
Possible Appeal
Presentence Interview
Remand or Voluntary Surrender
Mitigation Work
Probation or Non-Custody
Prison Term
Term of Imprisonment
Supervised Release