Our Staff

Receptionists, case managers, legal assistants, IT staff, investigators, paralegals, office administrators, CJA administrators, research & writing specialists, and attorneys all contribute to providing the highest quality representation to our clients. You will find no more dedicated, compassionate and talented group of people than at the Federal Public Defender’s Office for the Western District of Washington. Together, with courage, commitment and strength, we stand up on behalf of our clients, the community and the Constitution. 

Below is a list of our current staff members.

Name Title Office
Kelly Ambrose Office Administrator Seattle Kelly Ambrose
Office Administrator

Megan  Blumm Paralegal Seattle Megan  Blumm

Sara Brin Assistant Federal Defender Seattle Sara Brin
Assistant Federal Defender

 (206) 830-2921
Stacey Brownstein Chief Investigator Tacoma Stacey Brownstein
Chief Investigator

 (253) 620-5501
Jesse Cantor Assistant Federal Defender Seattle Jesse Cantor
Assistant Federal Defender

 (206) 830-2922
John Carpenter Assistant Federal Defender Tacoma John Carpenter
Assistant Federal Defender

 (253) 620-5502
Dennis Carroll Assistant Federal Defender Seattle Dennis Carroll
Assistant Federal Defender

 (206) 830-2923
Heather Carroll Assistant Federal Defender Tacoma Heather Carroll
Assistant Federal Defender

 (253) 620-5511
Carolynn Cohn Paralegal Tacoma Carolynn Cohn

 (253) 620-5503
Alma Coria Paralegal Seattle Alma Coria

 (206) 830-2925
Rolando Costilla Case Manager Seattle Rolando Costilla
Case Manager

 (206) 830-2981
Jessica Cvitanovic Branch Administrative Assistant Tacoma Jessica Cvitanovic
Branch Administrative Assistant

 (253) 620-5504
Chevy Echeverria Investigator Seattle Chevy Echeverria

Corey Endo First Assistant Federal Defender Seattle Corey Endo
First Assistant Federal Defender

 (206) 830-2928
Emily Erickson Paralegal Seattle Emily Erickson

 (206) 553-1100
Colin Fieman Federal Defender Seattle Colin Fieman
Federal Defender

Becky Fish Assistant Federal Defender Tacoma Becky Fish
Assistant Federal Defender

Colleen Fitzharris Assistant Federal Defender Seattle Colleen Fitzharris
Assistant Federal Defender

Charles Formosa Investigator Seattle Charles Formosa

 (206) 830-2931
Ana Liza Garcia Administrative Assistant Seattle Ana Liza Garcia
Administrative Assistant

 (206) 830-2932
Greg Geist Assistant Federal Defender Seattle Greg Geist
Assistant Federal Defender

 (206) 830-2933
Natalie Harmon CJA Panel Administrator Seattle Natalie Harmon
CJA Panel Administrator

 (206) 830-2936
Rebeca Hernandez Clerical Assistant Seattle Rebeca Hernandez
Clerical Assistant

Mahkaea Jackson-Sams Investigator Seattle Mahkaea Jackson-Sams

Zhanna Kachurina Financial Administrator Seattle Zhanna Kachurina
Financial Administrator

 (206) 830-2979
Jennifer  Kaplan CJA Resource Counsel Seattle Jennifer  Kaplan
CJA Resource Counsel

 (206) 830-2976
Andrew Kennedy Assistant Federal Defender Seattle Andrew Kennedy
Assistant Federal Defender

 (206) 830-2938
Natalya Kim Paralegal Seattle Natalya Kim

Vicki Lai Chief Appellate Attorney Seattle Vicki Lai
Chief Appellate Attorney

 (206) 830-2940
Debra Malcolm Investigator Seattle Debra Malcolm

 (206) 830-2942