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The Federal Public Defender for the Western District of Washington was opened in Seattle in the Spring of 1975, with seven employees, under the leadership of Federal Defender Irwin Schwartz. We represented clients appearing in federal court in both Seattle and Tacoma. In 1982 Tom Hillier was selected to be the next Federal Defender, and he served for 32 years until his retirement in 2014. During that time the number of clients we represented and the complexity of cases we handled increased, and in 1992 we staffed a separate office in Tacoma, Washington. Tom Hillier also helped with the creation of the Alaska Federal Defender’s Office in 1986 and helped to manage that office for the first five years of its infancy. In 2014 Michael Filipovic was appointed by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals to be the Federal Defender, and he was reappointed to a second four-year term in 2018. We now have 55 combined employees in our Seattle and Tacoma offices, including approximately 22 lawyers, 12 paralegals, 6 investigators, 1 social worker, 3 CJA support staff, 4 administrative staff, 2 tech support employees, and 5 case management assistants.

The Western District of Washington includes all Washington counties located between the crest of the Cascade Mountains, west to the Pacific Ocean, and from the Canadian border south to the Columbia River, which borders Washington and Oregon.

We represent the majority of indigent people targeted or charged with federal criminal prosecution. We often get appointed before a charge is filed and an arrest is made, and we continue to represent our clients through all stages of the proceedings, including trials, appeals, and post-conviction.

Our office supports and provides training to private attorneys appointed to represent indigent clients pursuant to the Criminal Justice Act (CJA). This website is in part designed to provide that support through a password-protected portal containing a brief bank, motions templates, and other resources for the CJA.
This website is also designed for clients, providing practical information about the legal process and resources in the community for treatment, education, employment, and social services.

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This website is designed for general information only. The information presented on this site should not be construed as formal legal advice nor the formation of a lawyer/client relationship.


1601 Fifth Ave
Suite 700
Seattle, Washington 98101

Federal Defender: Mike Filipovic
Administrative Officer: Royce Rutherford

Fax: 206.553.0120
Toll Free: 800.545.1675
Office Hours: 8:00a to 5:00p


1331 Broadway
Suite 400
Tacoma, Washington 98402

Federal Defender: Mike Filipovic
First Assistant Federal Defender: Miriam Schwartz

Fax: 253.593.6714
Toll Free: 800.543.8210
Office Hours: 8:00a to 4:30p

CJA Administration

1601 Fifth Ave
Suite 700
Seattle, Washington 98101
Phone: 206.553.2510
Toll Free: 800.246.2724
Fax: 206.553.2334
E-mail: zzzWAWml_CJA@fd.org
Office Hours: 8:00a to 4:30p

FPD Public Relations/Press Inquiries

E-mail: waw_publicrelations@fd.org