Messages of Appreciation

Every Client Matters

I would like to start by saying how truly blessed I am to have met all of you. I am truly grateful for the DREAM program. It has transformed my life on a level that I never thought was possible. When I started the program, you saw something in me that I did not see in myself at the time. It's kind of funny when I look back on the past few years and reflect on my experiences while in DREAM. My court case was a blessing in disguise. There is not a day that goes by where I do not think of you guys. You have a special place in my heart forever.

- DREAM graduate, September 2017

You and your team at the Federal Public Defender have performed far above and beyond the call of duty.

- Client, September 2012

Giving earnest thanks is daunting. One hopes the words chosen conveys all the sincerity. When I was arrested in the summer of 2015, I was thrust into a black hole and spiraled ever downward. My active mind went dormant and my existence became meaningless. Self-loathing, self-pity, and self-destruction became the order of business. Then something remarkable happened; I became your client. Because of you, I gained a safe haven, a voice, a coat of armor, and hope. Right from the start, you re-humanized me. As time elapsed, you gave me inspiration and determination to reverse the spiral. And if that wasn't enough, through your efforts, you gave me a new life! When the team conference called me with the incredible news, I was so overwhelmed and words escaped me. Thank you from the deepest recesses of my heart and the epicenter of my soul- for all you have done for me and will continue to do for others.

- Client, March 2017

The work you did for me shows you really care and that the defense team has a heart and this is not just a job.

- Client, March 2018

You all went above and beyond when working on my case. It is nice to see these days.

- Client, June 2017

To my attorney: Thank you again for your hard work and working extra hard to ensure our success.

- Client and family, 2018

Attorney- A special thank you for all your help over the years. I know it's your job, but it's my life- and I feel you went above and beyond and I just want to express my appreciation.

- Client, 2017

Dear my attorney- I am writing this letter to you to express my most sincere thanks for the most professional representation. You have stuck by me through the years in dealing with this very stressful case. I admire your composure, work ethic and most of all excellent representation. I feel I have won my life back because of you despite the circumstances. G.K. Chesterton once said, 'I would maintain that thanks are the highest form of though, and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.' Thank you attorney, for helping me through this tough time and aiding a new beginning of my life. THANK GOD for your knowledge of the law and I promise you I will never need your services again.

- Client, October 2011

Attorney- Thank you for all your efforts in my husband's case and assisting me during this time. It was a pleasure meeting you and thank  you for being so nice to our family. Good luck with all your cases. Take care.

- Client's wife, 2010

My internship at the FPD allowed me, as an undergraduate, to step into the legal field. It gave me the access to trial preparations, hands on legal work experience, field work, organization of cases, and client representation practice. Overall, the internship allowed me to work with a wonderful staff and begin to think like a federal public defender. I am certain, upon reflection, that this internship has made me more compassionate, patient, understanding and an educated citizen. I cannot wait to use what I have learned and apply it to my future positions.

- Undergrad intern, May 2018

Hi Attorney- We just wanted to thank you, not only for your hard work, but for believing in your client. I believe if the justice system had more attorneys like you, there would be more success stories to talk about. TK is doing great and I believe he will continue to do so- you made it possible for him to stay on the right path and make something of himself that he can be proud of. You helped our family stay together and for that- we thank you. You're a great attorney and a compassionate person. We will let you know how we are doing through the years. Sincerely yours. 

- Client and Family, June 2018

Dear Defender: For about 18 months, I have been respresented by an attorney at your office, as well as by two paralegals. I want to advise you about my dealings with the two paralegals- both have, at every opportunity, gone completely off the charts to assist me with any and all issues I have faced while in the custody of the BOP. I have never seen or dealt with anyone that could compare to these two individuals, and I hope you fully appreciate what a true treasure these team members of yours are. I truly would have been completely lost without them. I only wish I could find similar individuals to work with when I return to society. It has been both a pleasure and a priviledge to have these fine individuals in my corner & I hope if the need should arise in the future, that I get my team back to ensure I get the BEST THERE IS for the fight.

- Client, August 2018

I highly recommend spending a summer at the Federal Public Defender. The attorneys are fantastic to work with and give legal interns interesting and substantive assignments. During my summer, I worked closely with two attorneys on an appeal challenging a denial of pretrial release for an undocumented client charged with an immigration-related offense. I also worked on a variety of motions and memos on evidence suppression, sentencing, pretrial detention, restitution, federal habeas petitions, and more. Each project allowed me to work closely with talented and dedicated attorneys, learn about new areas of the law, and see indegent criminal defense firsthand. Best of all, the office is full of great people who are generous with their time.


- Legal Extern, Summer 2018

Thank you so much for going above and beyond! I am extremely grateful for all of your help and bearing with me through everything!

- Client, October 2018

Dear Attorney- I write today to express my gratitude for your help- thank you. I can only hope your reflections of me can be seen by others. I truly appreciate that you take the time to talk to me.

- Client, August 2018

Greetings Defender, I humbly and respectfully forward this correspondence, extending my appreciation and gratitude to my attorney. My attorney has been very informative, knowledgable, professional and forward thinking. Although there has been times where our ideals, approach and views were not in accordance, my attorney has always sought to provide me with the best information and full understanding of the law, federal rules of appellate procedure and the standard set forth by way of the AEDPA. The two paralegals on my case have been awesome. Defender, thanks again for your kindness and assigning me an attorney who gives her very best and treats people with respect and decency.

- Client, October 2018

Hello Sir- Just wanted to say thank you for your services and hard work! I greatly appreciate it. You got me a good deal and saved me a ton of money that I didn't have. I am forever grateful. Thank you again and many blessings your way.

- Client, September 2018

I just wanted to thank my attorney for all the support. I am very grateful. I am very blessed for having her as my attorney and thank you very much for everything. God bless you.

- Client, March 2019

Everyone wants to thank me, but I tell them that it was you that made it possible... the wife and family sends a BIG THANKS!

- Client, March 2019

We are so grateful for the countless hours and all the hard work that each of you put in over the last year in order to vindicate your client. Thanks to all of you, we get to move on and put all of this behind us. What an amazing team! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

- Client, April 2018

Thank you so much. I don't think I can ever thank you enough for your guidance and help. I am just almost in disbelief that is is finally over.

- Client, March 2019

Dear Attorney- This is my best Thanksgiving in 8 years. Thank you for making that possible

- Client, November 2019

First, I want to thank you for everything. Your kindness and guidance was what I needed. I just didn't know what I needed at teh tim and was too scared to properly thank you.

- Client, November 2023