FPD Pet of the Month

 Pet of the Month!



A year and a half ago, we adopted peaceful, cuddly, six-month-old Monty Bond from PAWS animal shelter. Monty quickly became the central figure in our home, relishing all the attention two COVID-era teleworkers could give him. Named in part after British gardening guru Monty Don and legendary comedy troupe Monty Python, our sweet boy has surpassed them all in loveable charm. Every morning, as soon as I sit down with my first cup of coffee, he leaps onto my lap and nestles in closely. During the day, he practices his gymnastics routine—which may involve contorting his body into impossible positions, scaling the tallest bookcases, or simply lying on his back, legs akimbo, waiting for a belly rub—before settling in for some serious birdwatching, grooming, or recovery (nap) time. Monty is not used to visitors yet, but I’m confident that in due time he’ll settle in at the head of the table as master of all ceremonies/dinner parties.