FPD Pet of the Month

Effective March 16, 2020, our FPD operations are open and we are working, but our offices are closed to visitors. Please reach us via telephone at 206.553.1100 or 253.593.6710. We will update you when this changes. 

 Pet of the Month!




Hugo loves hanging with his friends, especially his best friends Eggroll, Ghengis, Zoe, and Harlow. He likes chasing the big dogs, watching Syracuse basketball, getting as close as possible to the fireplace, and being in charge of all the toys. Hugo does not like children, bicycles, skateboards, or wearing Halloween costumes.

Hugo moved to Portland from Sacramento via the Oregon Humane Society. He’s now adjusting to life in Tacoma – he joined a daycare where he met some new Chihuahua friends. Hugo likes to impress his friends with his floofy tail, sweet spins, and back leg kicks.