FPD Pet of the Month

 Pet of the Month!


Hobbes & Koda!


Hobbes the cat was rescued from a storm drain as a kitten 11 years ago. I saw her oven-mitt thumbs and decided I simply must adopt her. She still has kitten energy despite her growing age and recent surgery to pull about half her teeth, and her frequent and high-decibel meowing has not decreased in the slightest. Most importantly, she has been great company in the past year and a half, attending countless remote law school classes, making surprise appearances during Zoom meetings, and always lounging nearby as I finished up a paper or citecheck, giving me two thumbs up in support.


Koda the dog is a 6-year-old mutt rescued from a drain pipe in Missouri. His breed mix is the source of much debate, but he is the most low-maintenance and easy-going dog there is. He sleeps with all four paws in the air, cries when he sees other dogs (I can relate), knows how to play hide-and-seek, and was once caught babysitting a baby bluebird. As a dog who could hike and swim all day every day, he will assimilate to Pacific Northwest life very well!