FPD Pet of the Month

 Pet of the Month!



There is a new kid on the block and her name is BIRDIE! AKA: “Birdie Girl,” “Bird-dog,” or simply, “Bird”


(Mixed breed deluxe: Pittie, Lab, Husky, Pointer)


This sweet cyclone of love joined our household on June 8th after being rescued from a closet along with her three bros. Since then, her motto has been, “Don’t box me in.” All  summer, she has been busy discovering that the world is vast with so many green spaces, waterways, and pee stains to explore. She loves jumping, running, and swimming. But her absolute most favorite thing is a boat ride. Luckily, she has also found more playmates than the 16-year-old Chihuahua she lives with. He’s cuddly and all but a little dull in the leaping and pouncing department.

Thank goodness for options! Just shy of 7 months, she has already graduated to the big dog room at daycare. She plays rough and we have the bruises to prove it. She is loads of fun and we love her to pieces.