FPD Pet of the Month

 Pet of the Month!




My name is Penny and I am the newest member of the Cohn family. I was adopted from the Tacoma Humane Society in June 2022 and I think my humans would say I have been a wonderful addition to the Cohn family. I enjoy playing keep-away with my humans, running in the woods with them, chasing the young humans (especially when they are riding their bicycles), removing shoe-laces from shoes with my teeth (but only every once in a while when I can’t help myself), chewing a good bone and of course playing with my toys. As you can see, I eagerly wait each morning for my young humans’ bedroom door to open so I can wake them with hugs and kisses. And, as you can also see, I even knew it would be good to flatter my mom-human’s boss the first time I met him, in hopes this would give her extra credit at work. In conclusion, as you have seen from the evidence set forth above, I am pretty much one of the best canines a human could ask for.