CJA Standing Committee

The CJA Plan for the Western District of Washington Established a Standing Committee to Oversee the Criminal Justice Act Panel. The Plan provides:

A. Formation of a Standing Committee to Oversee the Criminal Justice Act Panel
1. The judges of the United States District Court for the Western District of Washington authorize a standing committee to assist the Federal Public Defender in the administration and oversight of the CJA Panel. The committee shall consist of six attorneys, each a voting member. Four members of the standing committee shall be selected by a majority vote of the judges of the court. At least one such attorney shall be from the area served by the United States District Court in Tacoma. Members of the committee shall serve without compensation.
2. The Federal Public Defender or his or her representative will be a permanent member of the committee. The District's national CJA representative shall serve as a member of the committee during his or her term as district representative.
3. Membership on the committee shall be for a term of three years. Terms may be extended by the court for an additional three years. Members' terms shall be staggered to ensure continuity on the committee.
4. The committee shall meet at least four times per year or at any time the court asks the committee to consider an issue. In addition to reviewing CJA Panel membership, the committee shall identify and define any operating difficulties encountered in the administration of the CJA Panel and make recommendations to the court for appropriate changes.
5. The committee shall act consistent with the requirements of Appendix A to this Plan in making decisions and recommendations related to participation, training and compensation of CJA Panel lawyers.
6. The committee shall assist and advise the Federal Public Defender in devising and presenting training programs for the CJA Panel. Such training shall include communication with CJA Panel attorneys on substantive and procedural changes in the law, local rules, administrative requirements, ethics requirements, electronic discovery, and other matters affecting the CJA Panel attorneys, and shall include regularly scheduled seminars for CJA Panel attorneys as well as the private bar.
7. The committee will be permitted to use the staff of the Federal Public Defender for administrative and record-keeping matters. However, the committee is not authorized to make requests for services that would incur financial obligations without prior approval of the court.Present Membership and Terms:

Members And Terms;
Colin Fieman, Federal Public Defender (permanent)

Kristen Murray, CJA Panel attorney (until April 2025), First Term

Robert Flennaugh, CJA Panel attorney (until March 2025), First Term

Cooper Offenbecher, CJA Panel attorney (until March 2024), First Term

Paula Olson, CJA Panel attorney, District Representative (until August 1, 2023)

Jeffrey Coopersmith, Non-CJA attorney (until March 2025), Second Term