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Wednesday, August 1, 2018



We celebrate the graduation of another DREAM participant this month. The use of methamphetamine for most of his adult life culminated in a criminal charge for the first time in this graduate's life. Initially, the participant struggled to maintain sobriety, but once appropriate treatment and wrap around services were in place, the participant thrived. The participant not only maintained sobriety and engaged in the residential recovery community, but he also gave back to the larger community by regularly providing service work, including food to the homeless. We are all proud of the participant's hard work and success. Congratulations!






Tacoma FPD Secures a Dismissal on Misdemeanor Theft Case:


Paralegal Julie Valencia, Investigator Stacey Brownstein, and a Tacoma AFD worked tirelessly for a year to show the government that our client was in fact innocent of the theft charges against her. We continued to turn over defense reports stating what witnesses saw that corroborated our client’s claim of innocence as well as to show documents that illustrated that the government never fully investigated their case. One week before trial, after the defense trial brief was submitted to the court, the government responded to it by dismissing the case. The client was extremely grateful and thanked the defense team for going above and beyond and sticking with her until the end. The defense team was supported by other members of our office who stepped in at times over the last year to offer help.





AFD Colin Fieman was interviewed and featured on Boston 25 News, which produced a segment detailing the legal ramifications of the 'Operation Pacifier' cases. Fieman is the national database coordinator for the defense of these cases and has worked closely with other defense counsel, all over the country, who are handling 'Operation Pacifier' cases in their districts. You can view the segment here.





Long time panel member William Fligeltaub retired from CJA work and local practice at of the end of August. Thank you Bill for your 25+ years of service!


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