March News

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Acquittal in Felon in Possession of Firearm Trial

Seattle AFDs Greg Murphy and Ashwin Cattamanchi achieved a Not Guilty verdict in a felon in possession of a firearm case. After the not guilty verdict was read, the client walked out of the courthouse a free man. Murphy and Cattamanchi were assisted by Paralegals Emily Ziel, Barbara Hughes, and Suzie Strait and Investigator Debra Malcolm, as well as by a cadre of interns and other office staff.

Client Is Grateful for His Defense Team after Receiving Not Guilty Verdict

Tacoma AFD Colin Fieman and co-counsel won a hard-fought jury trial in which former Aberdeen Correction Officer Charles Stocker was accused of aiding a drug trafficking conspiracy by sharing confidential law enforcement information with local drug dealers. Defense counsel was able to highlight during trial that the information leaks attributed to Mr. Stocker had, in fact, come from the Grays Harbor County Drug Task Force and that, during the investigation of Mr. Stocker, the FBI had failed to adequately investigate ongoing criminal activity by its key witnesses. The defense team also consisted of Investigator Mike Stortini, Paralegals Amy Strickling and Carolynn Cohn, and Research and Writing Attorney Alan Zarky, as well as many others in both the Seattle and Tacoma offices who helped review hundreds of recorded phone calls that were quintessential to the Not Guilty verdict. After the acquittal, Mr. Stocker thanked his defense team for helping him get his good reputation and life back.

Split Verdict in Bench Trial

Tacoma AFDs Linda Sullivan and Jerome Kuh achieved a split verdict in a bench trial in which their client was acquitted of two counts of mail fraud and convicted of the remaining three counts of the indictment. Sullivan and Kuh were assisted by Paralegal Amy Strickling and Investigator Stacey Brownstein.
Defender Reappointed
Federal Defender Mike Filipovic was reappointed to his second four-year term effective March 1, 2018.

Youth Law Day 2018

Our offices participated in Youth Law Day on March 23, 2018. Youth Law Day is sponsored by the Federal Bar Association and partners with the College Success Foundation of Washington State. This year, students from south King County high schools attended a one-day session to learn about careers in the federal legal system. Federal Defender Mike Filipovic and Investigator Stacey Brownstein spoke to the students and faculty about their career paths and work at the Federal Public Defender. In the afternoon, AFDs Kyana Givens, Mo Hamoudi, and Andy Kennedy assisted the student-run mock trial and coached the defense team to a satisfying Not Guilty verdict. The event was also attended by District Court Judge Richard Jones, as well as prosecutors and federal law enforcement.

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March, 2018