FPD Pet of the Month

Pet of the Month!



Meet Maizey! Most people call her CRAZY Maizey so it has turned out to be a very fitting name for her. I rescued this little girl when she was about 5 weeks old weighing in at just 1.3 pounds with all sorts of medical issues.  She is 5 now and healthy and chunky as can be.  Maize loves all things food, naps, playing with her rope that is bigger than she is, and running around the house all day with her pal Harley.  She is a professional when it comes to causing havoc especially when I leave her with anyone else (like eating my roommates shoes and clothes when I am out of town), but she is too cute to ever get in any trouble.  She greets me every time I walk in the door with a wagging tail and wet kisses, whether I am gone 30 seconds or 5 days she is always just as excited when I am back home. She is the very best and life would be boring without her.