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Animal control was called to the streets of Downey, California in early 2009 to identify and capture a creature left in the yard of an abandoned property. The dog catchers were perplexed when they encountered what we now call a Gwendolyn dog. Was it a mountain goat that strayed off course? Was it an animal that escaped from the zoo? Was it an overgrown rat exposed to radioactive goo, like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle? Was it even of this world?


Still puzzled, the dog catchers transported the creature to the pound where she would be given two weeks to find a home. The pound identified the creature as a dog and briefly called her “Danielle.” Given one final day in the pound, Perfect Pet Rescue (http://perfectpetrescue.com/showdog.php?rand=777915807&dog_id=5545) took in the dog. “Danielle” was swiftly adopted and renamed Gwendolyn.


Since her escape from the pound, Gwendolyn has enjoyed traveling, long walks on the beach, and swimming with sea lions. Gwen has been to 21 states and Canada. She dipped her paws in the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico, and all five Great Lakes. She has an unhealthy obsession with her growing collection of Frisbees and the fish snack section at Mud Bay. Gwenemies include squirrels, buffalo, ducks, deer, bees, waiting in line for a ferry, and the Amazon spheres. She turns 10 years old at the end of October. Wish her a happy birthday and help her live her best life. Happy 10th birthday, Miss October!


https://waw.fd.org/sites/waw.fd.org/files/gwen%20baby.png       https://waw.fd.org/sites/waw.fd.org/files/gwen%20beach1.jpg