Meet with a DVR Representative

January 22, 2019

Disability? Let us help you with your work search.

DVR (Division of Vocational Rehabilitation) believes employment contributes to a person’s ability to live independently and that everyone has a right to work. Our purpose is to empower people with disabilities to achieve a greater quality of life by obtaining and maintaining employment. This introduction will help you determine if DVR is an appropriate resource for you and provide you with more information about how to access our services.

Please Note:
WorkSource services are available to all registered customers. Please be sure to create your WorkSourceWA account prior to attending this workshop.

In consideration of customers and staff who suffer from scent allergy/sensitivity, we ask that you refrain from wearing perfume/cologne and other heavily scented products. Thank you for your consideration!

Tue., Jan. 22, 2 – 3pm

WorkSource Everett
3201 Smith Ave., Suite 310
Everett, WA 98201